The Artist’s Path


Self-doubt is a companion of any artist. We learn to walk with it. We must not follow behind it. If self-doubt leads me, then I cannot create because fear will freeze my creative expressions.

I often ask myself “Why do I dare these creative endeavors?” “Will anyone even like my work?” And on the worst days I think, “Why do I even try?” The answer that comes back to me over and over again is “because I must. There is no other way. I am an artist. I was made this way. This is my path. I must create. It is as vital as breathing.”

I cannot worry about the outcome of my art while I am creating. An outcome is a by-product of art.   It cannot be its inspiration. When we think of an outcome, like money, during the creative process, it influences our art and all the possible directions we could take. Art should be created without limitations.

Control is the opposite of creative expression. It is dangerous for creatives to be under the control of anyone.  A controlling person is only following their interests and not the interests of the artist. Guard your art.

Find a creative community. Being creative is draining. Some days the well goes dry. Creatives need encouragement.   We face failure and rejection on a regular basis. Support your artistic friends and allow them to enrich your life.

Few artists will experience great financial success. If you are pursuing money, then you will lose sight of the art. Western societies tend to only value art that has a monetary value. But, there are many silent emotional moments in all of our lives when art speaks and no cash registers ring.


The most important thing I do to influence my artistic expression is spending time alone in meditation and contemplation. I plan time into my day to watch the sun set and observe the beauty of nature around me. This investment greatly influences my art. Silence is golden. I bask in it. From this path of solitude I hear beautiful melodies and poetic words. Silence speaks to me. It inspires me to create.   And then, hopefully, my art speaks to you.

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