On Purpose

IMG_3869I took a long walk in the woods on a recent Saturday morning to clear my head. Long walks are cleansing. If I don’t have an agenda or a deadline, I let the momentary world unfold in front of me. I walk without expectation, because I could accidentally discover something more beautiful than expected. I stop a good bit to take in my surroundings and enjoy light as it glances down and through the trees. And, I take lots of photographs.

On my walk, I was struck by the textures of the tree bark. The differences were quite obvious and astounding.

IMG_3881My dad knew all the trees by their bark. He would point them out to my siblings and me when we took long walks in the woods. But he is long gone. Just like my memory of what he said about those trees. I suppose I could make friends with an arborist, but they are not easy to find on a Saturday morning when half the neighborhood is sleeping in.

The outside world often leads me to the inner world. I enjoy introspection. I noticed the differences in the textures and I immediately compared them.

IMG_3828Some of the textures are lovely.

Others look industrial.


And then there is shagbark.   That one is just odd.IMG_3865

Those particular trees with those particular types of bark were created that way on purpose.

But why? Does each bark have a functional purpose?

Or is the difference just the whimsy of the Creator? It is a question I cannot answer.

If tree bark has a unique and particular purpose, wouldn’t we? We are more than trees? We are different on purpose. The purpose is inside us. Your purpose is different from mine.

IMG_3845Thank goodness someone else can enjoy mathematical equations. They have a purpose. They keep bridges from falling down and they make trains run on time, but I will never, ever understand them. I don’t have to, if someone else can.

             We all need to have purpose.

             Your purpose may be hidden.  

              You may hide it.

But, it is still there,silent and lovely as ones of those trees pointing toward the heavens.



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