Things I Need to Say

Euferzine has a new music project poised for release. It has been a labor of love bringing it to life and getting it finished. So, while I take just a moment to breathe deep and think, “Wow, we finally did this!” My next thought is about all the many people who are part of the great “We.”

First, I want to thank my producers, Jeff Taylor & John Mock. You just can’t find better humans.


Next, I want to thank the sound engineers who handled the technical minutia so that the rest of us could relax and enjoy the recordings: Daniel Dennis, Thomm Jutz, PT Houston,Console-@-Off-the-Row Brendan Harkin and John Mock. The great Bob Katz, who did a masterful job mastering this 20-song project.

I am a big fan of the 19 Nashville session musicians who played on thRecording-Session-@WildWoode record: Jeff Taylor, John Mock, Shad Cobb, Dennis Crouch, Byron House, Jon Conley, Glen Duncan, Kenny Malone, Wanda Vick, Thomm Jutz, Skip Cleavinger, Tim May, Steve Bryant, Mark Fain, Andy Reiss, Sam Levine, Buddy Greene, John Gardner and Daniel Dennis. What an eclectic mix of talent and personality. Great folks who create great music.

The backing vocalists who are super-talents as well, made everything better:  Deana Berry, John Thompson, Sierra Hull & Justin Moses, and Paul Brewster.






My co-writers on this project: Jeff Taylor, John Mock, Rebecca Reynolds, Glen MacNeil, Daniel Dennis, Thomm Jutz, Jon Conley, Steve Bryant, Tim May, and Charles Davis.

Many thanks to the photographer, Bret Pemelton, and art director, Diana Pemelton, who came up with the concept for the photo shoot that led to the album cover. And, the tasteful design work for the cd/website by Daniel Dennis.

We did it! So many pieces fit together beautifully into a finished project.

CDs can be purchased on the website until the project is released digitally.

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