Beautifully Broken

I was walking throughdirty sidewalk downtown Nashville on Saturday after an event.   As I rounded the corner between the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center this beautifully broken sidewalk caught my eye. I stopped for a moment as crowds of strangers passed by and stared at me snapping multiple photos. I didn’t care.

That sidewalk is symbolic of this town I love. So many shattered dreams line the paths we walk every day. And yet we dreamers persevere and hold it together somehow. We remain functional and solid while being broken.

The distance between the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Schermerhorn is quite short but the musical paths to get there are quite different. Nashville is the mecca for so many types of music. Thousands of talented dreamers come here but the survivors must have a determination as strong as their talent.

I thought about the event I had just left. Shane McAnally was honored at the Country Music Hall of Fame for his contributions to country music and his current status as one of the most successful songwriter producers in this town. But, I had learned during that event about his broken journey to get where he is today. He had to leave Nashville in order to discover his voice as a writer. He struggled for many years before he found his way back to Nashville. It was not an easy road.

That sidewalk at the corner of 4th and Demonbreun symbolizes determination and survival. It reminds me why I love this town!

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