Combat Pay

Two hundred years ago today, one of my ancestors got this pay stub for fighting in the Battle of New Orleans. $48. I wonder how much that would be in today’s money? His name was James Brock. He was one of the 4,000 soldiers that General Andrew Jackson recruited to fight the British. He isContinue Reading

Are We Kin?

We are made up of DNA lines woven together like strands of string in a beautiful piece of fabric. Each strand is distinct. Separate. Tied to the others and twisted into all the other strands. The DNA lines don’t end when a life ends. They are passed down for generations. They live in us. IContinue Reading

A Forgotten Field

***To learn more about Champ Ferguson, the following books are a good resource; “Champ Ferguson: Confederate Guerilla” by Thurman Sensing, “Cumberland Blood: Champ Ferguson’s Civil War” by Thomas D. Mays, and “Confederate Outlaw: Champ Ferguson and the Civil War in Appalachia” by Brian D. McKnight. Continue Reading

The Right Moment

I took this shot near Anastasia Island, Florida in late December. The moment was magic. I was driving by at the right moment. So many things in life are like that: Beyond our control. Perspective changes everything. This is the long view.  By moving in any direction, this perfectly balanced shot goes out of balance.Continue Reading

Connecting the Dots

I am a dot in time. Not even big enough to be the period at the end of a complete sentence in the Great Story. As long as I understand that, it keeps things in perspective. I grew up in a dot on a map in a remote area of the Appalachian Mountains. It isContinue Reading

Free Music Download

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! My gift to you is an acoustic version of the Christmas carol, “I Wonder as I Wander.” Musical accompaniment by Tim May, Shad Cobb and Byron House. To get this exclusive download, just provide your email. Downloads are only available thru NoiseTrade. Feel free to share this link with yourContinue Reading

Follow the River

My ancestors were river people. For 250 years, they lived in the mountains but were always close to a river. They relied on water because it was the source of life. Our world today is so different from their world a few centuries ago. My survival is not dependent on finding basic necessities each day.Continue Reading

The Witness Tree

I love trees. There is magic under the branches of an old tree. They convey stability. We can lean on them.   They stand by as ordinary and extraordinary moments rush by. They watch our triumphs and mistakes. We don’t even notice them, but they are taking it all in. Growing wiser with age. I thinkContinue Reading

The Path of Uncertainty

We all know the phrase ‘abandon your fears.’ But, how do we do that? What happens to all the energy that we spent being afraid? It has to go somewhere. It won’t go away. Nature hates a vacuum. If I let go, then I have to hold on to something in exchange. Is that whatContinue Reading