I am fortunate to know some really fine people who are magicians, I mean musicians. They took my songs and turned them into works of art. And they are great people. Jeff Taylor and John Mock produced my new project and they are the geniuses behind the sound.

We recorded some songs at Daniel Dennis’ studio in East Nashville, and one song at John Mock’s studio in Bellevue. We tracked four songs at Brendan Harkin’s Wildwood Recording in Franklin and five songs at PT Houston’s Off the Row studio below Franklin. One song was recorded in Mt Juliet at TJ Tunes by Thomm Jutz.  There were overdubs because technology allowed it when time did not permit a ‘live’ session.

My musical contributors are: Jeff Taylor, John Mock, Shad Cobb, Dennis Crouch, Jon Conley, Byron House, Glen Duncan, Kenny Malone, Wanda Vick, Thomm Jutz, Skip Cleavenger, Tim May, Steve Bryant, Mark Fain, Andy Reiss, Sam Levine, Buddy Greene, John Gardner and Daniel Dennis. They are exceptional talents in a town full of great players.

It was always a priority to hire the best musicians available. Showcasing their artistry is important to me. They should be household names. Anyone who reads liner notes knows the caliber of talent here is high. It was an honor for them to play on my songs.


Why not? One of my co-writers, Jon Conley, gave me the idea. I had been writing a few songs that were obviously not about me. I wasn’t really sure what had inspired them. It’s almost as if the songs showed up and then I began to discover the backstories behind the songs.   The individual stories were fresh and together they told an over-arching narrative about my family over the last 400 years.

I have been interested in genealogy since I saw “Roots” for the first time. I had not thought of cross-pollinating that hobby with songwriting. The songs that kept showing up, wanted to be heard. They knew something that I didn’t know. They revealed secrets to me and led me to uncover forgotten family history.

I write songs in several musical styles and I always have. A concept record allowed me to incorporate several styles held together by a cohesive story line.